You need to know this 5 crucial tips when looking for phlebotomy jobs

How to manage your online presence when hunting for a phlebotomy job

HR departments, including those of hospitals, are now make hiring decisions based on big data, a term used for describing huge amounts of data collected via business transactions, emails and social media among others. Be it a manager of accounts or a phlebotomist, the fate of their career depends on the data unearthed through these means. Unfortunately, due to certain pictures and comments you made online, the recruiter may decide against hiring you. For instance, a picture of you drunk may make them question your sobriety.

Follow this 5 simple steps to increase your chances to find the right phlebotomy job. Remember that your future position will require responsibility and employers are looking for a trusted person.

To avoid being disqualified because of past choices you probably don’t remember today, you need to manage your online reputation. The following tips will help protect your data from appearing online and ruining your chances of working at a reputable health care institution.

1. Make Your Social Media Accounts Private

The first step for managing your online reputation is to make your profiles private. For instance, if you have a Facebook profile, go to Account Settings then Privacy Settings. Set everything to Friends Only and no one outside your friends circle will be able to view your data.

2. Add Trusted Family and Friends Only

While making your social media profiles private can help, it doesn’t completely eliminate your online presence. To minimize your exposure, add only people who are close to you and can trust with your life. With social media making the world even smaller, you may end up adding someone who is connected to the recruiter. As a result, everything you say and do may come back to prevent you from being employed.

3. Control What You Post

While controlling who you add and views your content may help, it may be difficult at times, especially while you’re networking in hopes of a job. Therefore, you should work on controlling what you post out there. Avoid racial slurs, off-color jokes, images of you breaking the law, and other incriminating statuses and pictures. In addition, keep track of the images and texts your friends tag you in. If they can harm your online reputation, ask them to remove them right away.

4. Subscribe to Google Alerts

You may believe setting a Google Alert for your name to be superficial, but it is anything but that. In fact, this will help you find any material that can ruin your career as a phlebotomist before you even start it. That way, HR professionals and your future employers will have a good idea about your reputation and hire you based on your credentials.

5. Spread the Good Words

If you have time on your hands and would like to appear as a specialist, consider joining groups or maintaining a blog where you can flaunt your knowledge and provide advice. For instance, you can post on the mistakes phlebotomists make while drawing blood, showing recruiters who stumble upon it that you know the best practices of phlebotomy. Marketers use this technique to create a better online reputation and push back all negativity. Consider a LinkedIn profile that looks professional and join Phlebotomy related groups on Facebook and Google Plus

Use these tips to have a great online reputation and eventually a successful career at a reputable hospital or private practice.

Remember, a semnificant percent of prospective employers are looking you up on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter before deciding on your application.

Good luck with your job phlebotomy hunting!

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