10 free awesome phlebotomy resumes templates for you to download

Your resume is the very first thing the HR person sees about you and it has to be great. Don’t treat it like a simple piece of paper that you use to list all your past experience. Be smarter then that and make it your own personal weapon. Make it stand from the crowd, make it look great, make it easy to read, complete and yet concise. Put inside it just about what is needed, but don’t overdo with all sort of unwanted details. Nobody cares if you like to fish or that you prefer vanilla ice-cream. Before you decide what resume template to use don’t forget a few important things:

1. List all your contacts

2. Double or triple check for errors

3. Don’t miss the profile or objective part

4. Personalize your resume for each job

With that in mind, browse our 10 free phlebotomy resume templates and chose the one that you like the most:

Phlebotomy Modern Colors Resume

Description: Make an impact on your potential employer with this great phlebotomy resume. Modern and colorful, with a big top area that you can use to present your very best skills and  straights, this resume will help you to conquer the eye and mind of your interviewer.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Modern Colors

Resume size: 26KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-collors.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Click here


Simple Blue Phlebotomy Resume Template

Description: Simple in design and easy to use, this phlebotomy resume is beautifully elegant. Perfect for a phlebotomy technician or a phlebotomy instructor. You can easily add your skills in the upper front area. Blue is a perfect color for a phlebotomist resume, being catchy for the eye but conservative in the same time. You won’t get unnoticed with this resume.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Simple Blue

Resume size: 25 KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-blue.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Click here


Modern Blue Phlebotomy Resume Template

Description: This clean resume use very nice modern lines that will easily gain your potential employer attention. Your contact information will be highly  visible since it is in the upper right side of the template. There is a nice area where you can list your skills with proper scores for each. If you master more then one language you also have a special section for this right at the end of the resume template. This is perfect both for experience phlebotomists and for young ones that want to make a good impression with their employer.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Modern Blue

Resume size: 25 KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-blue-modern.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Cick Here


Phlebotomy Resume with Picture

Description: This resume will let you put your picture up on top of the page, Facebook stile. It has  plenty of sections that you can customize with your personal information. Modern and elegant, it will make a great impression.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Resume With Picture

Resume size: 42KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-picture.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Click here


Phlebotomy Resume Simple Red

Description: The bold big name will make a great impression, that’s for sure! This design will help you get noticed from moment zero. This resume is modern and simple, great for fresh phlebotomists looking for their first time job.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Resume Simple Red

Resume size: 24KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-red.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Click here


Phlebotomy Resume Beginner Red

Description: This template resume is perfect for a fresh phlebotomy graduate looking for his or her first time job. The design is clean and modern, with just enough color to make it visible and pleasant. You can edit each section to add as many personal info you feel necessary.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Resume Beginner Red 

Resume size: 24KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-red-start.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Click here


Phlebotomy Resume Simple Blue

Description: Very subtle modern lines, just enough to make this design truly great. It is perfect for someone looking to get a job as a phlebotomist, being elegant and easy to read. You will have no problem to customize this template according to your needs.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Resume Simple Blue

Resume size: 28KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-simple-blue.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Click here


Phlebotomy Resume Clean Red

Description: You really don’t need a fancy design to gain the interest of your potential employer. Just a touch of color, clean lines and a bold big red name will do it. Edit this template with your own data and you are ready to apply with confidence for your next job.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Resume Clean Red

Resume size: 28KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-simple-red.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Click here


Phlebotomy Resume Simple Start

Description: Sometimes less is more and this is true when it comes to resumes as well. Many times the HR person in charge with reading all the candidates resumes wants only the basics and nothing fancy. Edit this template with your personal information and your are all set. It is great for a inexperience phlebotomist. You have the option to insert a nice picture of you for a little more impact.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Resume Simple Start

Resume size: 29KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-simple-start.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Click here


Phlebotomy Resume Traditional

Description: Yes, modern is cool, but who says that traditional is bad? Some things are forever, and this is true when it comes to clean and simple resume design that put an emphasis on your experience and personal skills. Using this template when applying for your next phlebotomy job will prove to be a good idea.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Resume Traditional

Resume size: 21KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-traditional.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Click here


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