About Us

What is the purpose of our website

BloodTaker.com is a place where you can find correct and  updated information related to Phlebotomy. We write about subjects like Training, Exam Preparation, Exam Tests, Certification or Job Hunting.

We also fully support Blood Donation with all our energy, as we strongly believe that it can save lives.

How do we write our content

The articles are all well documented and based on in depth research. We prefer to publish less, but focus on high quality content. We do this because we respect our readers and we understand how important it is for them to be well informed when they they are taking crucial decisions about they professional life.

When we are not familiar with a topic, we prefer to go out and search for an expert. We always try to reach the people that posses the proper expertise and convince them to share it here. We might ask for articles or interviews, so that our readers can always have access to the best possible information.

What we are not trying to do

We will never sell you anything. No training courses, no certification, nothing. We took this decision because we want to keep our editorial independence 100% intact. In this way we can serve you better.

Now you

We are open to any suggestions, we always like your feedback. If is anything you want to ask us, don’t hesitate!

We are also open to any kind of collaboration with people involved in fields related to phlebotomy or blood giving. Contact us if you are interested in writing an article or share your experience with us.

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