Is phlebotomy training online a real smart option for you?

Is phlebotomy online training a good option?

Online learning is one of the latest innovative tools universities and colleges use to widen the reach of their programs and educate those who can’t enroll in their regular programs, with millions of students according to IES Institute of Education Science. The question many ask is whether online training for phlebotomy is just as effective as it may be for other disciplines. If you have the opportunity to enroll in an online phlebotomy program, read on to assess whether or not this is the right decision to make.

The Good of Phlebotomy Training Online

There are numerous reasons that drive both future and working phlebotomists to enroll in online training, including the following.

  • Flexibility – E-learning gives phlebotomist the chance to study at their own pace and whenever they get the time. This allows working professionals to hone their skills without giving up their day jobs.
  • Cost – Online courses tend to be less expensive since you won’t need to contribute towards the university’s overhead or instructor’s salary.
  • Individual Attention – Since you’ll be in touch with your instructor via email, you can easily connect with them and get direct answers to your questions. This is one thing where traditional learning is yet to catch up on.
  • Training from the Best – You may not be close enough to some of the best phlebotomist schools, but online classes allow you to study their curriculum without being physically there. So you’ll get the best training for less and from afar.

The Bad of Phlebotomy Training Online

Is phlebotomy online training a good option?
Online training might be a modern form of learning, but when it comes to something so particular like phlebotomy it comes with a few practical disadvantages.

While online training definitely has its perks, there are some limitations which make it far from feasible for phlebotomists.

  • No In Person Access to Instructor – While you may receive individual attention, your inability to connect to your instructor will deprive you from getting answers instantly. Since the instructor will be busy with their physical classes, chances are that it’ll be a while before you hear from them.
  • Demand for Full Motivation – If you’re the kind of person who needs to be supervised to learn, studying online won’t help you. With the absence of your instructor and easy access to the web, chances are that you’ll get distracted easily.
  • Lack of Practical Training – If you’re completely new to phlebotomy, you need to get ample training. Unfortunately, online classes only offer videos of the techniques used rather than making you perform them.
  • Employers’ Perception of Online Training – Due to the lack of practical training, your potential employer may doubt your level of expertise. Besides, most look down on online training as they believe it lacks seriousness. Therefore, your chances of being employed may be low.

And the Verdict

Because of the drawbacks of phlebotomy training online, many have avoided this option before you. However, you don’t have to follow in their footsteps. If you’re interested in studying phlebotomy online, you’ll truly benefit from such a program if you already have working experience in this field or a connected one. This is why online programs are highly recommended for working professionals who want to learn the latest in phlebotomy.
On the other hand, there is a way you can gain experience despite studying online: volunteer at Red Cross or a VA medical center. Just make sure to get liability insurance first to assure them of your professionalism. Remember: it will take some time, but try again and again and you’ll get the practical experience you need.

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