Is the Ban on Gay Men to Give Blood Still Needed? Infographic

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Over 2.7 billion people live in countries that impose a lifetime ban on gay men to donate blood. This politic was started in the mid 80’s, when the HIV virus was hard to detect and there was a serious danger to introduce infected blood into the system.  The gay community had a high prevalence of HIF infections back then and this is still true today. What has drastically change is the ability of modern tests to detect the virus in a time frame that can be as low as 3 weeks.

Since all the donated blood is tested and rigorously screen for a number of viruses, like HIV, Hepatitis C, or Hepatitis B, the life time ban is not based on sound science but is discriminatory  and useless. Under the current regulation a person that had sex with a prostitute is regarded as a much trusted donor and allowed to give blood after a period of time, but a homosexual in a relation is still banned for life.

The current practice in countries that allow men that had sex with men to donate blood had prove to have no additional risks at all.

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Gay Men Lifetime Ban on Blood Donating

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