Where to Donate Blood in USA, Map Included

There are plenty of places where to donate blood. Virtually every hospital has its own blood bank, and there are companies that collect blood through blood drives and similar activities.

The easiest way to find a place to give blood is to visit the websites of the organizations in your area and check to see where they have collecting points. Most of them will organize blood drives and other events in various locations, so chances are you will have plenty of convenient options.

We’ve put together a map with the most important blood banks and their contact data. Zoom in on the area you are interested in and then click on any blood donation center for more details. Simply visit the website or give a call for more info regarding what option they offer to potential donors.

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If you are interested in donating blood for money you should check with the centers in your area. Note that most organizations rely on volunteer donors when it comes to blood, but the majority of them pay for plasma donations.

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