Phlebotomy Certification. Interview With Ashley Black, Certified Phlebotomist from Texas

Phlebotomy Interview

Ashley Black is a phlebotomist from Sugar Land, Texas. She agree to give me a Facebook interview about her work and how she took her ASCP certification. She offers interesting insights about how she prepared for the exam or what was the cost of it.

Read our full Facebook chat:

Andrew: Hi Ashley, thanks for doing this. I wanted to talk with you about your job and the certification exam you took in the past. Do you work as a phlebotomist now?
Ashley: Yes, I am a phlebotomist in Sugar Land, TX in a hospital

Andrew: Tell us more about your working experience.Interview with Ashley Black, certified phlebotomist

Ashley: I did a 9 week phlebotomy course in Bradenton, FL when I lived there. I got experience by doing morning rounds on in house patients at the hospital where the phlebotomy class was held. 4 weeks of book work and 5 weeks of learning to stick properly. During those 5 weeks I was with a mentor showing me the ropes and how to draw blood, and how to treat the patient.

Andrew: I understand that you are certified. Where did you took your certification?
Ashley: I am ASCP certified. When I completed my phlebotomy course I was given paperwork signed from the pathologist stating I could sit for my ASCP certification. Once I sent in my paperwork to ASCP they set me up with a testing center and a time to go take the test.

Andrew: How did you find this particular certification institution? Was it recommended by someone?
Ashley: I was told ASCP holds the most value when being looked at by a laboratory. That’s why I chose that certification.

Andrew: Did you had working experience or training before certification?
Ashley: I worked for 1 1/2 years as a phlebotomist before I took the ASCP test. I did not have any special training.

Andrew: How did you prepare for the exam? What books or other material did you used?
Ashley: I researched mostly on the Internet. I also used many different books on phlebotomy. Old ones and current books.

Andrew: How was the exam? How long, how many questions, you know what I mean.
Ashley: The exam was intense I had camera’s viewing every inch of me to prevent cheating. That in itself made me nervous. The test was 80 questions. Honestly not much about drawing blood but more on how much blood can be drawn from a 10 lb baby. Or they would show pictures and you need to pick the correct answer. They try and trick you in many was with certain words like NOT in the sentence. The exam took me 1 hour.

Andrew: Do you remember the total cost of this process?
Ashley: I paid $263 dollars for the test. Then a 50 annual membership fee is required.

Andrew: What is your advice for someone who is trying to get certified right now?
Ashley: My advice would be go back to the basics and study your phlebotomy book front to back inside and out. The test is very hard. Be ready for anything.

Andrew: Thanks, Ashley, that was really helpful!

You can find Ashley on her Facebook profile: Ashley Black

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