We have our secret fears when donating blood. Tell us yours!

Since you were so interested in the last pool (and first, to be honest), I decided to make another one. This one is for all blood donors and donors wanna be. You just have to answer what is the biggest fear you have to overrun when giving blood:

What is the biggest fear you have to overrun when you donate blood?

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Why do I think this is an important question? About 30% of the total population qualify to give blood but only a fraction of them actually  are proactive and donate. Why is this so? There is no simple answer, but many times there is some irrational fear of some sort stopping a perfectly healthy person to get involved and help others.

What this pool can demonstrate is that fear is not uncommon, but while is normal to be anxious before donating blood, is also normal and possible to overrun your fears.


I found the results of this pool to be quite interesting. When I’m writing this update, 27% of the people who responded said that they are afraid of needles when it comes to donating blood and a similar number of people answered that they are afraid of nothing. We do have brave souls among our readers, isn’t it?

On the third place we have fear of the sight of blood, with about 11% of the votes. 7% of the voters express their concerned of catching a disease while giving blood. The most controversial subject in my view, fear that your blood will end up to a bad person, had only one vote and it is last in our pool.

I don’t consider this pool to be absolutely right because the number of respondents is low, but I think we can draw a few conclusions. Fear of needles is common and might be the main reason for some potential donors to decide not do give blood. Here is an interesting resource dedicated to needle phobia that can help. I also think that explaining the process of giving blood can be of great help. People can understand that they will not get any disease because all the instruments are safe, they will not feel any significant pain and they will not give to much blood whatsoever. Any donor can tell that the site where you usually give blood is nice and clean, you will not see blood everywhere, you will meet some nice people and you will be just fine.

Share your experience! Once you vote, go ahead and tell us more about the way you are able to go over your fear. Any personal experience can help others to become donors. Use the comment below the page for this.

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