Phlebotomists, Tell Us What Is Your Salary? Totally Confidential

The article about phlebotomy salary generated a lot of buzz and discussions on Facebook. Some of you complained of being underpaid, receiving less then the average $15 hours pay that U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions. Only a few of you said that they are paid this amount or more.
Because of this, I put together this simple pool. It is 100% confidential, answer freely.

Phlebotomists out there, what is your hourly salary?

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You can also use the comments bellow this page to give us more details like what experience you have, for how long have you been working as a phlebotomist, is this your first job, do you get any incentives for extra hours and so on.

UPDATE: To sum up the results of this pool, most of the people that voted here, just under 70%, receive less then the average $15 pay per hour. Around 24% manage to get a $15 salary, while only 7% are paid more.

The payment level is more connected with the state that you work in and less with the background and experience that you have. Hospitals tend to pay more than other facilities, or at least this is what commentators here or on Facebook are saying. Still, experience can be a factor when it comes to the income that you get, with people working as phlebotomists for more then a decade making considerable more then the ones that are new in the profession.

US phlebotomists seems to make a lot less then their Canadian colleagues, where salaries can start from $17 in a lab facility or a very convenient $22 in a hospital. On top of these you get free health care. Despite these advantages, ask if they would be ready to move to Canada for the bigger salaries, American phlebotomists prefer to stay home, blaming the cold Canadian weather.

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