How to Become a Traveling Phlebotomist. From Salary to Jobs

How to become a travel phlebotomist

Traditionally, a phlebotomist is a professional who draws blood in a hospital or clinical setting. However, just because that’s the norm doesn’t mean that you don’t have other options. If your dream is to see the world while enjoying your passion for phlebotomy, you can become a mobile phlebotomist.

Traveling Phlebotomist Job Description

Also known as a mobile phlebotomist, a professional in this field is aware of all the techniques used in phlebotomy but isn’t confined to one space. With the rising number of baby boomers, phlebotomists had to adapt and extend their services beyond the four walls of health care institutions. Therefore, phlebotomists travel to personal residences or nursing homes to draw blood on the spot before transporting samples back to the lab for further testing.

A mobile phlebotomist can also be part of a blood drive. Organizations such as Red Cross are always providing volunteer opportunities which you can avail to become a traveling phlebotomist. While most of the time you’ll still be serving locally, you may have to travel internationally to disaster stricken areas to offer them your services.

Watch this engaging video just to get an idea about how a blood drive is like. Enjoy the nice music, “A-Punk” by Vampire Weekend:

Traveling Phlebotomist Salary and Jobs

Establishing your career as a mobile phlebotomist is definitely worthwhile. Not only will aspiring phlebotomists be able to work in different health care institutions, but they’ll also have more freedom to set their schedules without being confined indoors. In addition, if you’re interested in reaching out to more people, this is the line of phlebotomy you should be in.

Now regarding the scope of this career, expect to have a steady job for years to come. Seniors in the US currently comprise 12.9% of the population and their numbers are expected to grow more than twice as much by 2030. On the other hand, organizations that require mobile blood donations, such as Michigan Blood, always welcome phlebotomists to work on their donor buses and stay mobile.

As for remuneration, expect a handsome annual salary of $28,000 on average. If you think that it’s lower than what a regular phlebotomist earns ($31,000 per year), wait until you add the additional allowances and benefits that come with being on the move.

How to Become a Traveling Phlebotomist

How to become a travel phlebotomist
Becoming a traveling phlebotomist can be the right step for your career, but are you fit for such a job?

Before you discover how to become a travelling phlebotomist, you need to make sure that this is the career you want. First off, you need to have a good driving record and/or a reliable vehicle. You should also enjoy travel and be able to handle the stress that comes with it. In addition, you need to ensure that your equipment and environment is sanitary at all times. If you can take on these three issues, you’re ready to learn how to become a mobile phlebotomist.

First off, you need at least one year of experience as a phlebotomist or medical assistant. If you’ve worked with newborns or geriatrics, your employment chances will further improve. You can also go for a certification to assure your employers that you’re the best However, remember to also take out malpractice insurance if your employer doesn’t offer it to boost your employment chances and protect yourself against malpractice claims.

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