Phlebotomy Resume Blue

Download Phlebotomy Simple Blue Resume

Description: Simple in design and easy to use, this phlebotomy resume is beautifully elegant. Perfect for a phlebotomy technician or a phlebotomy instructor. You can easily add your skills in the upper front area. Blue is a perfect color for a phlebotomist resume, being catchy for the eye but conservative in the same time. You won’t get unnoticed with this resume.

Resume name: Phlebotomy Simple Blue

Resume size: 25 KB

File name: phlebotomy-resume-blue.docx

Open with: Microsoft Office

Download: Free




How to use the file: Download the resume file to your computer. To do so you simply need to click the download link in the info box above. Once you have the file open it with Microsoft Office, Word. Now you are ready to personalize the resume with your own information. Edit each area of the resume and insert your own data.

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