Donate Blood for Money. All you need to know

Can you donate blood for money? Blood is essential in many treatments and the demand for it is huge. The only source of blood is the human body itself, being impossible to artificially produce it. Because of this, the worldwide healthcare system rely heavily on blood donors. Compensation for blood  giving is not the norm…

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Interview With Joan, Long Standing Traveling Phlebotomist

Phlebotomy Interview

Joan Hersheyaintgotnothingonme Achuba is a traveling phlebotomist at Carter Bloodcare, a North Central Texas blood bank. She answered a few questions about her profession, how she became a phlebotomist and what  is her job like. Here is our small Facebook chat: Andrew: Hi Joan,  I understand that you have quite a long working experience as a…

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How to Become a Traveling Phlebotomist. From Salary to Jobs

How to become a travel phlebotomist

Traditionally, a phlebotomist is a professional who draws blood in a hospital or clinical setting. However, just because that’s the norm doesn’t mean that you don’t have other options. If your dream is to see the world while enjoying your passion for phlebotomy, you can become a mobile phlebotomist. Traveling Phlebotomist Job Description Also known…

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Do You Really Need Phlebotomy Certification?

Do you need certification to work as a phlebotomist?

In states like California, Louisiana and Nevada, phlebotomy certification is mandatory for professionals to practice in this field. On the other hand, in states which don’t impose certification, students graduate from their respective programs and start their careers as long as they have some hands-on experience. Is in this numerous cases that arise a very serious…

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Is phlebotomy training online a real smart option for you?

Is phlebotomy online training a good option?

Online learning is one of the latest innovative tools universities and colleges use to widen the reach of their programs and educate those who can’t enroll in their regular programs, with millions of students according to IES Institute of Education Science. The question many ask is whether online training for phlebotomy is just as effective…

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Phlebotomy Volunteer Secrets: How to Gain Working Experience

Gain working experience as a phlebotomist

Fresh out of phlebotomy school, your next goal would be to join a hospital, private practice or lab with a name that would add weight to your resume. However, while you may have excelled at school and gotten great grades there, no one is likely to hire you without any working experience. Like in any…

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Top phlebotomist education and training requirements you want to know

Admission requirements for phlebotomy training

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a phlebotomist, it is possible to become certified and start working within a few months. Once you complete the 6-15 week program, you will be able to legally work as a phlebotomist. Phlebotomy training programs are offered through colleges, hospitals, and other training facilities. Once you…

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You need to know this 5 crucial tips when looking for phlebotomy jobs

How to manage your online presence when hunting for a phlebotomy job

HR departments, including those of hospitals, are now make hiring decisions based on big data, a term used for describing huge amounts of data collected via business transactions, emails and social media among others. Be it a manager of accounts or a phlebotomist, the fate of their career depends on the data unearthed through these…

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