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Phlebotomy Interview

Joan Hersheyaintgotnothingonme Achuba is a traveling phlebotomist at Carter Bloodcare, a North Central Texas blood bank. She answered a few questions about her profession, how she became a phlebotomist and what  is her job like. Here is our small Facebook chat:

Andrew: Hi Joan,  I understand that you have quite a long working experience as a phlebotomist, a traveling phlebotomist, to be more precise. When did you started?

Joan: I’ve been working here since 2004

Joan is a Traveling Phlebotomist and she gave us an interview

Andrew: Can you tell me where are you working right now?

Joan: N.CENTRAL TX BLOOD BANK Called Carter Bloodcare

Andrew: Is this your first working place?

Joan: Yes

Andrew: Joan, tell us a little about you. We would like to know you better.

Joan: I am a graduate of a medical assisting program.

Andrew: Do you remember when you first decided to become a phlebotomist? Why you took this decision?

Joan: I initially wanted to be a nurse but enjoy phlebotomy a lot more. I chose travel phlebotomy because single with no children my job is very time consuming.

Andrew: Do you remember the steps you took to become a phlebotomist? Like training, preparation, exams… you know what I mean

Joan: Honestly, at my job u don’t need any training or certification. A few hospitals will ask but most don’t.

Andrew: What questions did you had in your mind back then? What was your biggest fear?

Joan: My biggest fear was not enjoying my profession

Andrew: How you found your first job? Was it hard?

Joan: My first job found me I had no clue about my blood bank I had Only heard of American Red Cross. But my school had a blood drive and the workers recruited me. I was hired before I graduated from MA school

Andrew: Can you tell us more about your day to day work? What is like, what exactly are you doing?

Joan: I supervise blood drives that have projections of 10-300 potential donors. I drive a coach bus every day, my job paid for my cdl license. I draw a pint of blood and perform a mini physical before we draw the blood

Andrew: Please think at a difficult moment at your work. Tell us about it.

Joan: The only difficult thing about my job Is that it is very fast pace. You have to juggle drawing blood and taking care of people who have a reaction to the donation process.

Andrew: Now, tell us about the rewards of your job. I am pretty sure there are some important ones

Joan: The reward is knowing that you are helping saving lives, as well as helping others save them as well.

Andrew: What is your advice for someone thinking right now to become a phlebotomist?

Joan:  Being a phlebotomist is awesome.  I would highly advise people not to go to a vocational school go to a community college vocational schools are a rip off and are EXTREMELY expensive. Patients deserve people like us that know what we’re doing, and are confident. I hear it alot how we are appreciated.

You can find Joan on her Facebook page: Joan Hersheyaintgotnothingonme Achuba

If you are a phlebotomist and you want to share us your experience just live me a message: Contact

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